Custom Blankies!


Custom Beachy Fleece Blankies featuring your fur babies!

Available in 3 sizes & can accommodate up to 7 Doggos!

Featured Threadz

Look "fetching" at the dog park with these fun designs;)

  • Monster Muttz has partnered with multiple print facilites in different Countries so that we can get your order to you quickly. Most items are printed/shipped within the destination Country.

  • We love all dogs, especially the giant ones! Meet Tonka, the OG Monster Mutt and main model. We aren't sure about your pets, but Tonka is in charge here. They come first, so however we can meet their needs for you, let us know;)

  • There are so many products these days that you can customize, so if it’s not listed on our site yet, let’s make it happen! Throw us a message so we can create it for you:)